Culinary Journeys Around the Area

While staying in our holiday cottages in Nowęcin, you mustn't miss the opportunity to explore the local cuisine. This area is full of restaurants offering unique flavors and culinary experiences. We warmly invite you to these exceptional places, which we have visited ourselves many times and have always been delighted by both the flavors of the dishes served and the professional service.

Tam Gdzie Zawsze

Right in the heart of Łeba, you'll find the "Tam Gdzie Zawsze" restaurant, which enchants with its authentic atmosphere and exceptional dishes. Our hot recommendation is the trout and kaszubian pike perch pierogi. Delicate dough filled with delicious kaszubian pike perch, served with a hint of butter and fresh herbs – a true festival of flavors.


If you're in the mood for something more classic, "Rock'N'Pizza" in Łeba is the perfect place for delicious pizza. What's more, they offer delivery to Brzegowa Street, so you can enjoy your favorite flavors in the comfort of your cottage. Their pizza is a combination of crispy dough, fresh ingredients, and exquisite tomato sauce. The selection is vast, so everyone will find something to their liking.

Pałac Poraj

At Pałac Poraj, you'll be tempted by authentic Polish cuisine flavors, rich in tradition and aromatic delights. Here, you'll get a unique opportunity to indulge in homemade pastries, jams, fluffy pancakes, and exquisite sausages and cold cuts, the taste of which surpasses all expectations. Surrounded by harmonious music and picturesque nature outside the window, Pałac Poraj pampers its guests by serving them regional specialties that are a true feast for the palate. It's a place where culinary tradition and the pleasure of eating come together in perfect harmony. The extraordinary atmosphere and stylish palace decor add a unique charm to this place. You must definitely try the walnut soup.

Restauracja Ewa in Sasino

Another place worth visiting is Restauracja Ewa in Sasin. It's an atmospheric place where Polish cuisine dishes are served at the highest level. From traditional pierogi to exquisite meat dishes, every meal is a real feast for the taste buds. Delicious herring in sour cream, served as an appetizer, will delight everyone.

During your stay in our holiday cottage in Nowęcin, culinary journeys in the area will create unforgettable memories. It's worth getting to know the flavors of this picturesque part of Poland and savoring the local specialties.

Culinary Journeys Around the AreaCulinary Journeys Around the Area
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