Forests and Mushrooms by the Sea

In late summer and autumn around Lake Sarbsko, nature invites you to take walks in the nearby forests for mushroom picking. It's an exciting activity that combines the pleasure of strolling among trees with the exhilarating discovery of nature and the richness of the woods.

It only takes a 5-minute walk from our holiday cottages to reach the nearby forest. September is usually the best time to look for mushrooms, but you can also find them in August.

Diversity of Mushrooms

In the vicinity of Łeba, you can encounter many types of mushrooms hiding under trees and amid lush vegetation. Among the most commonly found species are:
• Chanterelles: These valuable mushrooms often hide under leaves and branches. Their delicate taste and aroma make them highly prized in the kitchen
• Yellow Knights: The characteristic yellow caps are certainly a beautiful sight in the forest. Their fleshy flesh is an excellent ingredient in many dishes
• Slippery Jacks: These mushrooms with an intense nutty flavor often appear in the forests near Łeba. Perfect for frying and stewing
• Porcini Mushrooms: Meaty stem and delicate cap make them every mushroom picker's dream

The charms of nature and the forest

A walk into the forest for mushroom hunting is an incredible opportunity to fully enjoy the charms of nature around Lake Sarbsko. It's not only an exciting experience for mushroom enthusiasts, but also a way to disconnect from daily life. For our guests, it's another reason to spend special moments in our comfortable summer cottages, enjoying both relaxation by the lake and activities in the surrounding nature.

Forests and Mushrooms by the SeaForests and Mushrooms by the Sea
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