Heating in a Holiday Cottage

Is there anything cozier than a warm holiday cottage where you can escape the autumn weather and enjoy moments of relaxation? This is possible thanks to the heating system in our holiday cottage. Find out what type of heating awaits you in our cottage and how to use it to ensure the perfect comfort during your stay.

Underfloor Heating in the Living Room

In the living room of our holiday cottage, you'll find one of the most modern heating solutions - underfloor heating based on infrared technology. This modern method ensures even and pleasantly warm floors that you can walk on barefoot, even on cooler days. The heating control manipulator is located on the wall near the sofa, making temperature management exceptionally convenient. A single touch is all it takes to adjust the warmth to your preferences.

Wall-Mounted Radiators in the Bedrooms

To provide you with a comfortable night's sleep, each bedroom is equipped with wall-mounted radiators that operate on infrared technology. These modern devices not only heat the air but also objects and walls, maintaining a constant and pleasant room temperature. To adjust the warmth in the bedrooms to your liking, simply reach for the remote control, conveniently placed on the bedside table. You can set the temperature even without leaving the bed.

Comfort, Health, and Safety

The underfloor heating and wall-mounted radiators based on infrared technology in our holiday cottage are not only a convenient source of warmth but also a healthy and safe solution. Infrared radiation is similar to the natural warmth emitted by the sun, making this type of heating body-friendly, without drying the air or circulating allergens. It's the ideal option to enjoy warmth in the holiday cottage in a comfortable and safe way.

Radiator/Towel Dryer in the Bathroom

Our guests don't have to worry about a chilly bathroom either. In each bathroom, you'll find a combined radiator/towel dryer, which not only keeps your towels dry and warm but also maintains a pleasant temperature in the bathroom. Adjusting the warmth is a breeze - just use the built-in control panel to set the temperature to your preferences.

Customize Heating to Your Needs

Thanks to our heating solutions in the holiday cottage, you can adjust the temperature in each room, ensuring optimal comfort during your stay. Whether you're coming for a romantic weekend, a family vacation, or a relaxing getaway with friends, our heating will always be tailored to your needs.

We encourage you to take advantage of these modern amenities to enjoy the pleasure of spending time in our holiday cottage. Let your stay be full of warmth, comfort, and relaxation!

Heating in a Holiday CottageHeating in a Holiday Cottage
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