Holidays with Children - Playgrounds Nearby, Baltic Sea

During your stay in our holiday cottages, we not only encourage you to relax in the natural surroundings but also to explore fascinating attractions for children in the area. Two magical playgrounds - "Shrek's Swamp" and "Frozen Land" - are unforgettable places that will bring joy and smiles to your youngest travelers.

Shrek's Swamp

This is a true gem on the map of our area. The "Shrek's Swamp" playground delights not only with its fairytale theme but also with a variety of attractions. For kids, it's a real paradise where they can meet their favorite Shrek characters and create unforgettable moments with them. The hero figures are impressively sized, which is sure to awe. Ladders, slides, obstacle courses, and an exciting zip line will provide lots of fun and excitement. Additionally, the presence of ample parking makes it a perfect place for family outings.
Playground location: Parkowa Street, 84-352 Wicko

Frozen Land

"Frozen Land" is a place that will light up every child's eyes. Characters from Frozen can be seen from afar, causing excitement and smiles on the faces of little explorers. Elsa, Anna, Swen, reindeer, and snowmen accompany young adventurers, offering lots of entertainment. The playground is in excellent condition and is far from the hustle and bustle, ensuring a peaceful and safe playtime. Slides, carousels, swings, and a zip line are just some of the attractions that will delight the youngest visitors. Parents will also find a place to relax on comfortable benches.
Playground location: Łebska Street, 84-360 Nowęcin

Smurf Village

The wonderful "Smurf Village" is another extraordinary playground that will delight your children. Here, five adorable Smurf characters will greet you with joy. Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy Smurf, Greedy Smurf, Grouchy Smurf, and Gargamel and his cat Azrael accompany the little explorers, offering plenty of entertainment. At the playground, you will find three Smurf houses in the shape of mushrooms with little doors, as well as two larger houses with slides. There's also the dark castle of Gargamel, from which you can slide down, and inside, there is also plenty of fun. Swings, sandboxes, and a soccer field are additional attractions that will ensure your children have unforgettable moments.

Playground location: Bajeczna Street, 84-360 Łebieniec

During your stay in our cottages by the lake and the sea, we warmly encourage you to visit these extraordinary places. "Shrek's Swamp", "Frozen Land" and "Smurf Village" are attractions that will bring children a lot of joy and unforgettable experiences. These are perfect places for family outings, where the magic of fairy tales becomes a reality.

Holidays with Children - Playgrounds Nearby, Baltic SeaHolidays with Children - Playgrounds Nearby, Baltic SeaHolidays with Children - Playgrounds Nearby, Baltic Sea
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