Lake Fishing Permit

Fishing on Lake Sarbsko near Łeba and the Słowiński National Park requires a permit. The lake is abundant with various fish species such as pike, zander, perch, carp, bream, tench, and eel, attracting many fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing Grounds of Lake Sarbsko and River Chełst

The fishing district extends from the waters of Lake Sarbsko to the western edge of the road bridge on Chełst Canal on Kościuszki Street in Łeba. In this area, fishing is prohibited only from the northern shore of the lake – the shore opposite our cottages, which is located within the "Mierzeja Sarbska" nature reserve.

Recreational Fishing

Individuals interested in recreational fishing must have the appropriate permit, which allows fishing in designated fishing areas. To obtain the right to periodic fishing (for 7 days, a month, or a season), one must fill out a form available on the gdansk.wody.gov.pl website, pay the fee, and have a fishing card. Individuals under 14 years of age are not required to have a fishing card but can fish only under the supervision of an adult who holds a valid card. Foreigners temporarily staying in Poland may be exempt from the obligation to have a card, provided they have a fishing permit.

Permit and Fee in 2024

Types of permits:

7-day: 7 days specified in the transfer title, no longer than December 31, 2024 - cost 60PLN

monthly: 30 days specified in the transfer title, no longer than December 31, 2024 - cost 100PLN

Seasonal permits (from May 1 to September 30) and annual permits are also available.

School youth up to the age of 18 are entitled to a 50% discount on fees. To confirm eligibility for the discount, simply present a document with a photo confirming identity and age, such as a school ID card, during inspection.

The fee for a periodic permit for recreational fishing (7-day, monthly, seasonal) can be paid either through online banking or at a post office or bank branch. Then, the permit must be downloaded from the gdansk.wody.gov.pl website and filled out according to the instructions.

The fee must be paid into the office's account in PLN


Obtaining a periodic fishing permit is a relatively simple process. Just print and fill out the application and pay the fee in PLN to the bank account. During fishing, you must have the printed application and payment confirmation with you, if required, as well as a fishing card. For Sea2 guests, we assist in obtaining or paying for the permit!

Lake Fishing PermitLake Fishing Permit
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