Sarbsko Lake viewing platform

The charming areas leading through various ecosystems of the 800m long educational path lead to a viewing tower above the lake. This path leads through protected areas and areas rich in birdlife. The trail is flat, hardened, and covered with gravel, making it accessible to everyone. At the end of the trail awaits an observation platform, offering picturesque views of the lake and Sarbska Spit.

Coastal Forests

Forests are a characteristic feature of the Polish coastline landscape. These are coniferous forests growing on poor and shallow soils, mainly on sand dunes. The diversity of habitats in forests depends on soil moisture. The most valuable forests are those designated as Natura 2000 areas.

Mierzeja Sarbska

The Lębork Forestry District encompasses 5 Natura 2000 areas with a total area of 1310 ha. The largest of these is Mierzeja Sarbska, located within the buffer zone of the Słowiński National Park, covering 1882.90 ha, of which 643.09 ha are on forestry land. This protected area boasts exceptional habitat diversity and species richness, making it one of the most beautiful places on the Polish coast.

Wet Meadow

The wet meadow within the Natura 2000 area is an extremely valuable site in terms of biodiversity. Its direct contact with the lake waters makes it highly moist, with local flooding often occurring in spring. You will encounter various plant species here. The richness of flora supports diverse fauna, including roe deer, which eagerly feed on the lush grasses and herbs of the meadow.


In this area, you can observe various species of birds, including songbirds, birds of prey, and waterfowl. During spring and autumn, migratory birds can be seen passing through, and during storms on the Baltic Sea, coastal birds are also visible.

Viewing Platform

The educational trail ends with a viewing platform offering a view of the lake and the spit. On the other side of the lake, on a narrow strip of land separating the Baltic Sea from Lake Sarbsko, lies the Mierzeja Sarbska nature reserve. This protected area covering an area of 547 ha is a unique fragment of the Polish coast, abundant in diverse habitats and species. The reserve is accessible to visitors via a designated hiking trail, allowing for a walk along the entire spit and a descent to the sandy beach of the Baltic Sea.

When taking a trip from Łeba / Nowęcin to the Stilo lighthouse, you can visit this interesting place on the way. Car parking is available at the beginning of this tourist trail.

Sarbsko Lake viewing platformSarbsko Lake viewing platformSarbsko Lake viewing platform
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